Chatty Cathy, Chatty Baby or Tiny Baby Teeth
Price is for replacement teeth and shipping only
Buy care of chattys packet to learn how to insert teeth, fix minor issues, â and much more!
Price:$7.99 plus s/h

Care of Chatty's e-book with over 20'pages packed full of information on how to fix or re-set hair, put in teeth, clean your doll, get out stains, and much more! Free with purchase of any vintage Chatty Cathy doll! Only sending via email at this time. If you must have in written for, price is $21.99. Call/email for invoice. 
Price: $17.99 sent via e-mail​ 
Sent by Mail
O-rings and pull rings plus about o-rings packet
You get at least 6 o-rings, one real 1960's pull ring and one white pull-ring modern (not a shower curtain ring they break) other kits sold out there are using wrong o-ring & pull-rings. You also get a packet of information you must know about the o-rings themselves. A helpful repair tip included!
Price: $15.99 plus s/h
Real Mattel pull-rings from 1960's mattel over-stock come in tan, pink or white. E-mail me your choice of color or i'll assume it's tan. These cost me very close to the same amount.  The more original your doll is the better. It's best to have matching pull-rings as well
Price: $11.99 plus s/h
Buy Chatty Teeth only
A set of 6 0-rings. Already know how to repair or already bought my o-ring packet and have pull-rings? Here you can just buy the o-rings which are for all Chatty Cathys and most Mattel talking toys except a very small dolls or for Chester o' chimp. Price includes postage.
If you have a question about your doll or want me to do an identification on your a doll you plan to purchase elsewhere, then please use the pay button below for my time. 

I get 150 e-mails a day and answer them all plus work all day on my business.
Please value my time as i do yours.
It takes about 10 to 30 minutes to handle most peoples questions.

$2.50 for my time and expertise is very inexpensive.

If you're actually buying a doll from me of course there is no charge for any question about a doll you are interested in on this or my sister site.
If you do use my pay button and later buy a doll from me i will refund your money.

Thank you for your understanding!
Please Note:
More Parts will be available soon.

Contact me if your looking for a specific part not shown here

I do NOT sell rare eye colors as replacements

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Doll Questions?
Estimate of your dolls value. A small token for my valuable time. I get about 100 emails a day and deal with them all. So please click "add to shopping cart" button (below), if you want a brief estimate of your dolls value or have questions about your doll or a doll you want to buy elsewhere.
Thank you for your understanding.
An official appraisal for insurance or sales purposes. I need photos and information about the doll. Please email me for further information on getting an appraisal or for an examination to verify a "rare" doll.
Restoration of a Chatty Cathy includes restoration, hair set and includes cleaning. Some stain removal except permanent marker and fluorescent pink marker. 
Contact me the address where to ship your doll. Call or email for details and timing of restoration prior to purchasing this service! Instructions will be provided after you contact me Please note that added make up on Chatty’s and replaced eyes reduces her value and will confuse collector’s years from now.
Voice Repair:
CALL FOR INFORMATION. NO #1-3 models are repaired on Chatty’s. 
Ask for more information please.
E-mail Kathy

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