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I am a one person vintage specialty shoppe' and carry exclusive and vintage rare dolls, toys and other items, with great emotional as well as monetary value.
Each item varies from day to day and order to order.
The doll or toy are prepared exclusively for each individual person or their loved one. 
Chatty Cathy Dolls, other dolls and toys are very hard to find in the condition in which sell them. in fact, it’s becoming quite difficult to find truly original pristine Chatty Cathy’s. All original Chattys are one of a kind dolls. This is true even if the dolls are the same make and model. Each vintage Chatty Cathy is as different as are my clients needs.

All my dolls and toys are in very excellent or pristine condition (unless described otherwise). 
My dolls or toys are not simply standing, new and ready at a full big warehouse all ready to be shipped immediately by assembly persons and ready made to be shipped out. This is not that type of buying experience. 
Each person is usually buying a Chatty as a gift for a loved one, who had one as a child and so it's almost always an emotional experience for the person receiving the doll or toy and for the person giving it to them. This is true even when a customer is buying a doll for themselves. 
These dolls were loved and cherished so much that they hold great emotional value for my customers. 

Millions of little girls (and boys) wished they had one of these Mattel dolls (or toys), and either didn't get one or theirs was lost forever in time when they were young.
Due to emotional nature of buying or gifting a vintage doll, I take each order as it comes & take great care with every clients order from start to finish and beyond.

This is a very exclusive, happy, emotional experience for both the client buying the doll and recipient. I also become invested in the gifting experience with each client when asked to help with the purchase of a doll or toy
Just FYI, No two Vintage Chatty's ever look alike. Chatty and other dolls made back then, were made by individuals. So even if they're the same model no two will ever look exactly the same. 
Each Chatty being different, makes this all the more fun to collect and own one or more. 
Always email or call ahead of time to be sure the doll or toy you want or are interested in is still in stock.  This is very important.  That is why you see email me prior to purchase posted all over this web shop.
Due to the very personal care I give each person and each doll, shipping time can take 1-3 weeks to be shipped. The longer periods are for those who need a doll that is going to or at voice repair or extra special orders. 
Holidays Shipping or Gift Deadlines can be VERY FAST! 
I will overnight ship right up to the 22nd-23rd of December (or other Holidays or deadlines) on many of my If all the pieces are in stock and ready, then shipping is much faster.
If you are in a big rush please let me know right away and then I will meet your timeline. I have not missed one to date.
Thank you for shopping with me and for your continued patronage. iI treasure every client and their experiences when buying a Chatty Cathy doll here. 
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Holiday Ornament Talking Chatty Cathy. Great Gift Idea! 
Call or email first to see if in stock!  
Great last minute gift idea!
Great stocking stuffers!
Talking collectible hallmark chatty cathy ornament
She says the famous 11 original phrases! No warranty on the batteries due to age. Can be purchased where batteries are sold if needed. 
Limited quantities.
In stock now & ready to ship.
Super limited edition!
Get yours here in time for the holidays!
Price: $39.99 plus S/H
She's wearing an excellent, as in new, vintage original outfit with mary jane s hoes
The doll you will receive is not this exact doll but will be a model just like her
This doll & outfit is an example of the earliest model chatty from 1959-62. This is the chatty most people remember from childhood 
limited amount of original shoes 
For this outfit in stock! 
She may have very minor to no
"play wear"(expected after 50 years)!
The chatty will be in pristine, talking condition. 
Outfit can be ordered to your desired set. The price shown is with mary jane shoes instead of original turquoise velveteen shoes (is negotiable). 
Price: $425.00, plus s/h/i
BUY NOW!  There's still time for many dolls to arrive for the holidays!

If you're doing last minute shopping I can over-night ship!

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Order early for holiday gifts!

Great Gift Idea!
1998 Original Mattel Holiday Chatty Cathy
This is the only brunette with long brown eyes of this year or type.
She comes new wearing the outfit seen
You may purchase a separate outfit like the first edition chatty
This doll is the most sought after of all the 1998 Mattel-made Chatty's after the one in blue & white outfit.  
Holiday Chatty says holiday phrases this Chatty & says some of her famous original phrases.
She is very hard to come by in new complete condition & is rarest due to her hair & eye color. 
She has long, beautiful soft hair & curls still in hair net 
She is so lovely!
 An ornament may be in the box in most cases. 
This doll is brand new with all paperwork & cert of authenticity box may have shelf wear I have very few left in stock!
Get her while you can $20.00 off!
Graphics on box are great! My favorite 1998 Mattel

Now $249.00 plus s/p/i $50.00 off

If you can't quite pay for an all original vintage Chatty then this doll is a wonderful next alternative!  
She's wearing the outfit everyone knows and remembers.
She says the 11 original phrases.
These sell out fast for the holidays limited amount in stock now! There are three different editions of this chatty cathy. There is another one a little rarer with brown eyes/blonde hair wearing the red and white pinafore outfit that many people remember.
Great gift idea!
Who wouldn't like a real Mattel Chatty Cathy that's new with her cartoon box! Sale price!
Sale price! 199.99 plus s/p/i

1998 1rst Edition Chatty
This Chatty version is referred to as "Chatty Cathy's cousin"
She has little toys that she holds in her hand then she talks about that toy!
Chatty Patty is so darling!
She's a 1980 made by Mattel!
A rarer vintage Mattel doll yet still new in her box!
Talks loud & clear.
She has a pull-string just like Chatty Cathy!
Grab her while you can. 
I have the blonde version as well. She's not as rare & costs less.
Just ask for a quick invoice for the blonde or for overnight shipping.
Price: $169.99 plus shipping & insurance.

Buy Chatty Patty!
Buy Me! $20.00 Off
Blonde "Bob-Cut"
[example photo shown]
1998 1st EDITION Mattel 
Chatty Cathy

[Mint new in box]
Talking Chatty Limited edition Ornament
RARE !! African American
 Chatty Patty Talking Chatty doll."Chatty Cathy's cousin"
New in Box
Decal-Eyes Chatty Cathy talks. Wears original red/white pinafore with little sun suit underneath. She’s in excellent/pristine condition. She talks very well for age of doll. 

Price $499.00 PLUS $39.95 S/H/I 

$50.00 OFF
Buy Me! $20.00 Off
​RARE Original Chatty Talks
Cute Canadian
​(with decal eyes)
She talks although like most all early Chatty’s she talks with slight record noise (as all early models do). Chatty can be clearly heard. 
Is in pristine condition.
Outfit shown on doll does not come with her. Can special order of a like outfit! She will come in a cute outfit either holiday or a replica of original blue/white or red/white outfit can be chosen. Please make preference known in Shopping Cart & email me too. Original outfit can be purchased separately at bargain price with doll purchase. 

Price: $475.00 plus $37.95 S/h/Insurance

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Buy Me! $20.00 Off
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Buy Cat in the Hat
1964 rare original mint talking porky pig! 

Full sized version. Porky is very rare especially in this as new minty new condition. He's super clean, no flaws! Talks loud and clear with the famous voice of the original porky pig character. He is highly sought after! Anyone you know like cartoons when they were young? He would make a great gift for the holidays or anytime!

Price:$ s/h/i

Doctor Seuss Cat in the hat

Full 24" size! This is the rarer plush full sized not the small canvas version!
I do have that one in stock too if you're interested
The total you see in your the shopping cart includes shipping & insurance

Price: $164.99 plus S/H/I $20.00 off!

Buy this
Mattel's 1964 talking beatnik doll, Scooba Doo! Doo!

She is hip & cool. She says 11 groovy phrases. This lovely doll is all original, has her hard to find smock & rare original necklace. 
Scooba talks loud & clear. She is clean & free from flaws. She is beautiful with all original facial coloring. No touch ups ever! She has her soft pink lip color (very in at that time), as well as her almost black dramatic eye shadow.
This is the most sought after rarer platinum blonde version.
Her hair is so beautiful, long & very shiny. She has all of her front row of hair plugs unlike so many of these dolls. She is gorgeous!
I also have the black hair version of scooba doo in stock! If you want the black hair version, or both just let me know!
Price: $179.99 which includes 1/2 of the shipping/insurance i pay for you!
A great holiday gift idea!
Email me for questions or if you are looking for something else! 

Price: $179.99 
Includes 1/2 of the shipping/insurance 
I pay for you!

Buy Me!
 This is a small talk very collectible doll, Goldilocks! 
 She talks, wow! It is very rare to find one of these still talking.
Price: $129.99 
plus S/H/I

Very rare Robin Williams as Mork from Ork collectible! 

This is a real working am radio from the 1970's. 
The radio is new in box & works great! Battery included!
You can get a variety of stations clearly (depending on where you live).
This is Morks famous alien egg ship as an awesome radio. Nanu nanu! 
It has a long built-in white hanging strap so you can hang it. 
The Mork egg ship radio is clean & white & without flaws.
The top of box is missing the flap that tucks in to keep the top of the box closed snugly. 
The box has some vintage show but overall the box has great photo graphics that show Mork & Mindy on one side with a window opening on the other side. 
It also has photos of Mork on the side.
A great memento & collectible of the greatest comedian of our time.
We miss you Robin ... Rest in peace. 
   Grab this rare find item while you can!

Price: $89.99 plus shipping/insurance 

Buy This!
Abc character 
Matty Mattel's mastcot and sister Belle his best pal! 
call or email for price
Call or email for price
Mrs Beasley

Buffy from Family Affair holding her best friend Mrs Beasley.
Email or call for pricing
i have Several in stock!
Call or email for price
Buy this